5.8-40 x 56 40mm CRUSADER Tactical FFP Mil/Mil or MOA/MOA Xtreme X1 illum. reticle




Product Description

The all new 40mm 5.8-40x56 is the scope that none can compete with! This marvel of optical engineering boasts the following new and innovative features: low dispersion "HD" Schott Glass, 100 MOA of adjustment, the incredible mid tube parallax adjustment offers a crystal clear image as close as 21 feet @ 40x POWER, 7x zoom magnification range, wide angle FOV, great eye relief, razor sharp clarity, true natural colors, 100 click per turn exposed turret with secondary point of impact indicator, and fast focus ocular. As an option, we offer interchangeable BDC turret rings for .223, .308, .338 LaPUA AND .50 BMG. premium tactical rings and sunshade included!

Technical Features

   MAGNIFICATION                                                                          5.8-40x

   OBJECTIVE SIZE                                                                           56mm

   FIELD OF VIEW (100 YDS.)                                                            40-3.8 ft

   EXIT PUPIL                                                                                   9.6- 1.4 mm

   EYE RELIEF                                                                                   3.85 INCH

   DIOPTRICAL ADJUSTMENT                                                           -3 TO +3 DPT.

   CLOSE FOCUS ADJUSTMENT @40x                                                21 ft.

   RETICLE-TOTAL ADJUSTMENT RANGE                                            32 Mrad or 100 MOA  

   CLICK VALUE                                                                                0.1 Mrad or 1/4 MOA AT 100 YDS.

   TUBE DIAMETER                                                                            40 mm


   LENGTH                                                                                         16 INCH

   WEIGHT                                                                                         42 OZ.