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With the MIRAGE ULR CENTERLINE BILLET ALUMINUM CHASSIS SYSTEM, you can choose any combination of component parts, assemble the chassis with three Allen wrenches and drop in your Model 700 in about ten minutes…no bedding, no tooling, and no gun smithing. In just a few minutes, the Mirage ULR shooter will realize truly amazing performance.

In addition to the common Model 700 Remington actions, Mirage ULR Centerline chassis can be ordered to accommodate TAC338, TAC408, Badger M1300 SA and LA, Surgeon , Defiance Deviant SA and LA, Tikka T3 SA , Savage Mod 10 and 110, Curtis Axiom, JJ Rock Super XL, Pierce 10X-R, Armalite AR-30 actions and Winchester Mod 70 Pre-64 and Post-64.







MIRAGE ULR CENTERLINE CHASSIS SYSTEMS are modular in that once the center receiver section is bolted to your barreled action, you have a choice of fore-ends, butt-stocks, which we call “Buttsliders,” and numerous accessories to outfit your chassis system exactly to your specifications.

• The center module can be ordered to accept a long action or short action Remington Model 700 receiver and the magazine well accepts box magazines, including AI and Accurate Mag. For other actions and magazines, consult a service advisor.

• The fore-ends come in two basic designs - Open Top and Tube Top

- The Open Tops, typically, are used by hunters and those where heat rise off a hot barrel is not a factor in sighting. With the wide range of mounting options available through Mirage ULR, those who use open tops find mounting accessories to the sides and bottom of their fore-ends easy and convenient.

- The Tube top is used by those who wish to mount additional optics in front of their rifle scopes and sundry accessories along the sides and bottoms and/or where heat mirage from a hot working barrel my interfere with their sighting. Again, as with the Open Top, with the range of mounting choices available through Mirage ULR, mounting accessories to the sides and bottom of this fore-end is almost limitless. For example, there are several rail / QD, and sling swivel options for the fore ends as shown on the right of the photo as well as choices in Picatinny rails.

• The “buttsliders,” as we call them, come in two heights, short (TAC I), tall (TAC II), and tall, with adjustable slider (TAC III). We call them sliders, because with two Allen bolts, the butt slides on the receiver piece and is, therefore, easily adjustable for length of pull.

- Mirage buttsliders are equipped with Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pads, but will accommodate a wide variety of recoil pads without special tooling or hardware.

- With all three buttsliders, the recoil pad is conveniently adjustable up and down. It only takes a turn of the thumb nut built into the butt just in front of the recoil pad.

- The TAC I and TAC II are designed for rails or pads to be screwed to the bottoms of the sliders. The standard Picatinny rails can accept accessories such as monopods.

-With the TAC III buttslider, the muzzle elevation is adjustable up and down with the convenient built in thumb nut… this feature takes the place of a monopod without the bulk and the weight. And with our without a bean bag, It is faster and easier to adjust than a monopod.

Remington 700, Stiller, Surgeon, Defiance, Badger, Bat Machine, Savage, Mausingfield, Tikka, JJ Rock, McMillan, Armalite, Ruger, Pierce
Short Action Chassis (DSSF Mag 5rd/10rd)    $1,295.00
Open top forend ADD  $50.00
XL front tube (1.5" ID)  19" Length ADD  $25.00
XXL front tube (1.5" ID)  24" Length ADD  $100.00
Long Action Chassis (3.85" SSSF 5rd Mag)  $1,395.00
Open top forend ADD  $50.00
XL front tube (1.5" ID)  19" Length ADD  $25.00
XXL front tube (1.5" ID)  24" Length ADD  $100.00
Chassis upgrade to 1.75” front tube (17”) ADD $100.00
Chassis upgrade to 2.0” front tube (19”)   ADD $200.00
TAC 338 and other XL 338 Chassis (3.85" / 4.05" 5rd)  $1,495.00
XL front tube (1.5" ID)  19" Length ADD  $25.00
XXL front tube (1.5" ID)  24" Length ADD  $100.00
4" magazine chassis ADD  $100.00
Heavy forend (1.75" ID) ADD  $100.00
XH Heavy forend (2.0" ID) ADD  $150.00
TAC 408 and other .408 Chassis* (7 rd Mag/ Single shot)    $2,000.00
XH Heavy forend (2.0" ID) ADD  $150.00
416/50 cal Chassis (MCMILLAN / BAT MACHINE/ PIERCE) * $2,500.00
Single shot or fit to customer mag    
Large Barrel Chassis (1.7"-2.1" OD Barrels)*   $2,500.00
All Chassis include adjustable recoil pad and cheek rest and bipod rail    
Magazines extra    
Left handed versions available    
Custom chassis builds available on request    
* Includes TAC III Rear Slider    
Single Color Cerakote Paint ADD  $150.00
Additional Cerakote Paint colors - $75/color
TAC II Rear Slider ADD  $30.00
TAC III Rear Slider ADD  $100.00
Night Vision forend w/ 14-slot picatinny rail ADD  $100.00
Additional rails - see accessory page    



** Clones include Stiller, Defiance, Surgeon, McMillan, Mausingfield & Others **




Incremental Upgrade Costs Price
Single Color Cerakote $150.00
Additional 1-2 Colors Tiger Stripe/ Digital Camo Cerakote $75.00
Add 14-Slot Top Rail to Tube for Night Vision $100.00
TAC I XL Front End (3" longer than TAC I) $25.00
Open Top Front End $50.00
Mirage ULR TAC II Slider $30.00
Mirage ULR TAC III Slider $100.00


Paint Jobs Available
* The colors that you see in these paint jobs can be changed to the customers specific preferences.



Mirage ULR XMD Chassis


Each of our chasis are made to order. Please contact a Mirage ULR customer service advisor at (817) 406-4015 to discuss your needs and the features you want in your rifle. Our service advisor will be able to guide you through your choices to assure you get exactly the chassis that will fulfill your requirements.

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