Thank you to Outback Precision Rifle Club for having us out at the Outback Precision Rifle Challenge. We sponsored a shooting competition for the chance to win one of our TIBC-12175 0.338 suppressors at this event. Rifle was a Mirage ULR 338 Lapua in a Mirage ULR TACZ with a Stiller action, a 31-1/2" Broughton Barrel with a Mirage ULR TIBC-12175 suppressor with brake cap shooting 300 gr Berger Hybrids at approximately 2900 fps. Participants had three attempts to get the most hits with the fastest time at 1724 yards. The winner of this competition was Nate Oines from South Dakota who hit 3 out of 3 shots in 35.89 seconds. Congrats Nate!


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