9-36 x 56 40mm PATRIOT FFP Mil/Mil MP-8 dot MOD or FFP MOA/MOA MP-8 dot MOD




Product Description

New 9-36x56mm FFP Mi/Mil or MOA/MOA with 40mm tube, lots of elevation adjustment, awesome glass, is the perfect choice for extreme long range. Secondary impact indicator, fast focus +/- 4 diopter, zero stop, rezero function and mid tube focus make it very precise and efficient on any precision rifle. Close focus down to 25 feet.

Technical Features

MAGNIFICATION                                                   9-36X

OBJECTIVE SIZE                                                   56 mm

FIELD OF VIEW (at 100 yds.)                                 16FT.- 5.2 FT.

EXIT PUPIL                                                           6.2mm - 1.5mm

EYE RELIEF INCH                                                   3.75

CLOSE FOCUS                                                       25 FT.

DIOPTRICAL ADJUSTMENT                                     -4 to +4 DPT.

RETICLE RANGE OF ADJUSTMENT                            34 MRADS or 115 MOA

CLICK VALUE                                                         0.1 MRAD or 1/8 MOA @ 100 YDS.

TUBE DIAMETER                                                    40 mm

LENGHT                                                                15 INCH

WEIGHT                                                                36 oz.